Get Connected at CBC

Follow the CBC family on our Facebook page and follow the conversation. This is a great way to stay connected, to get the Word, get event info, and get a sneak peek every Friday to what the weekend's message has in store! We hope to have you join in on the conversation as we grow in Christ together!

Membership Class

You were designed to be part of a church family. A family has common beliefs, purposes, and commitments. That's what we want to share with you... CBC's vision and mission. Attendance is required to become a member of CBC and to enter positions of teaching and/or leadership within Community Bible Church. For more information please contact the church office.


Membership Matters Class Schedule 2018:

Jan. 21    (part I)

Feb. 18   (part II)

Apr. 15   (part I)

May. 20  (part II)

Jul. 15     (part I)

Aug. 19  (part II)

Oct. 21   (part 1)

Nov. 18  (part II)