Our Awana program is a nine-month program that starts in the Fall and meets every Tuesday from 6:20 to 8:00 p.m. We have programs for kids from three years old (Cubbies) to high school (Journey). We have open registration year round as long as we have the room. See the downloadable registration form below. Simply print the form, fill it out and hand it in with your payment to Titus Varney or Daniel Hackett, or mail it to the church office at: 9725 Black Mountain Rd. suite 307, San Diego, CA 92126. Download the "Early Registration" form for pricing and other information. We are always looking for more leaders/helpers to serve the over 200 kids in our AWANA program. It's an easy and fun way to serve God. You will be busy "storing treasure in heaven" as you help "train up a child in the way they should go." If you are interested in helping, contact Commander, Titus Varney at:  or co-commander, Daniel Hackett at:  

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Cubbies (Preschool)

Celebrates preschoolers' spiritual potential by helping them develop respect for God, His Son and His Word. Cubbies is built on two premises:

  • Young children can and should receive spiritual training.
  • Home is the primary place for spiritual training.

Our preschool program meets these needs through lots of fun! Games, puppets, crafts, awards, snacks and other activities make Cubbies a lively weekly experience where fun and learning go hand in hand.

Sparks (Kindergarten to Second Grade)


Teaches children about the people and events of the Bible. This builds a foundation of wisdom for knowing Jesus. Sparks meetings combine learning with fun to create an atmosphere of irresistible excitement. Club meetings are divided into three segments:

  • Bible teaching, singing, announcements and awards
  • Small group interaction and completion of Bible-based lessons
  • Games that appeal to kids of all skill levels

Truth & Training (Third to Sixth Grade)

Answers kids' key questions about God and the Bible, guiding them to grow in His grace. Like Sparks for K-2 kids, T&T weekly meetings are divided into three segments. Children have gut-busting, team-oriented fun in Game Time; sing, hear a Bible message and receive awards in Large Group Time and learn and recite Bible truths in Handbook Time. Exciting theme nights, the Awana Store and other exciting activities spice up meetings throughout the year.

Trek (Middle School)

Challenges youth to consider their God-given destiny and pursue it by applying the Bible to their lives. Trek is built on flexibility. Individual churches can choose to run the entire Trek program or choose the elements of Trek that fit their youth ministry approach. The bottom line with Trek is that it offers something for all teens, whether they're new to church or desire a deep relationship with God.

Journey (High School)

Leads students through an in-depth study of Scripture. This motivates them to see life with God's perspective and to influence others. Like our middle-school program, the best part about our high-school program is its flexibility. Churches can use our entire program or select only the portions they need. Whatever the choice, Journey offers teens from all spiritual backgrounds relevant, life-changing teaching grounded solidly in God's love and the truths of the Bible.