2 Samuel (Part  2)  Alive!

The Winter 2019 quarter will feature 2 Samuel (Part 2)! This class will study 2 Samuel 8-19, verse-by-verse interactively.

This is an interactive Bible study of chapters 8-19 in the second book of the Old Testament History Books. 2 Samuel 8 begins with David’s court history before he had to flee from his castle in Jerusalem. This continues until chapter 15, when his son, Absalom, causes him to flee Jerusalem with all his servants, as his son sought to usurp his father’s kingdom by seeking to kill him. The theme of 1 Samuel 15-18 is David fleeing his murderous son until David’s soldiers finally fought a war against Absalom’s soldiers. David’s soldiers won the war and his son Absalom was killed then. Chapter 19 deals with the return of David to his throne in Jerusalem. 2 Samuel Alive (Part 2)! shows us important characteristics of God and also His judgment of the sins of Absalom and David. It will help us as Christians to grow spiritually as we learn more about our Creator and ourselves.

If you would like to take the class in Room 500 Mondays at 7:15 starting January 7 - February 25, 2019,  please visit the Welcome Center and sign up there. You may also e-mail Dr. Lon.


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