1 Kings (Part II)  Alive!

The Fall 2019 quarter will feature 1 Kings  (Part 2).  This class will study 1 Kings 1:9–7:49 in the sixth book of the Old Testament Books of History.

This is an interactive Bible study of 1 Kings 1:9–7:49 in the sixth book of the Old Testament Books of History. We begin with David’s son, Adonijah, proclaiming he was the king against the wishes of King David. However, the feeble king had his son, Solomon, made his successor. Adonijah was executed and so were Joab and Shimei. Abiathar, the high priest, was exiled and removed from his office. Then King Solomon was asked by God what he wanted, and he requested wisdom to rule his people. God gave him what he asked for and also honor and riches he didn’t request. He used his gift of wisdom in determining which prostitute was the mother of a living child. His wisdom was greater than anyone else until the time of Christ. Solomon led his workers in building the temple (according to plans drawn up by his father, David) and his palace.

This class shows us important attributes of God. It will help us as Christians to grow spiritually as we learn more about our Creator and ourselves and applies many Bible principles to our lives today. If you want to be discipled, this class will do that. 

If you would like to take the class in Room 500 Mondays at 7:15 starting September 9 - October  28, 2019,  please visit the Welcome Center and sign up there. You may also email Dr. Lon.


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