1 Samuel (Part 1) Alive!

This is an interactive Bible study of chapters 1-14 in the first book of the Old Testament History Books. 1 Samuel 1-14 begins with Samuel, the last judge of Israel, moves to Saul, the first king of Israel, and then concludes with Saul’s pursuit to kill his heir, David, anointed by Samuel as Saul’s successor. I Samuel 1-12 recount events that overlap the last 40-50 years of the book of Judges. Thus Samuel and Samson were contemporaries, each serving as judges in different geographical areas of the Promised Land. The theme of 1 Samuel 1-14 is how God, Israel’s true King, at the people’s request, delegated royal sovereignty first to Saul, and then anointed David for royal sovereignty. 1 Samuel (Part 1) Alive! shows us important characteristics of God and also His judgment of the sins of Eli and his sons and of King Saul. It will help us as Christians to grow spiritually as we learn more about our Creator and ourselves.

 If you would like to take the class in Room 500 Mondays at 7:15 starting January 15 - February 26, and March 12-19, 2018, please visit the Welcome Center and sign up there. You may also e-mail Dr. Lon.



In a world increasingly indifferent to Christian truth, followers of Christ need to be equipped to communicate with those who do not speak their language or accept their source of authority.

In the Tactics Video Study, apologist and radio host Gregory Koukl demonstrates how to get in the driver’s seat in discussions about faith, keeping any conversation moving with thoughtful, artful tact. Readers will learn how to maneuver comfortably and graciously through potential minefields, stop challengers in their tracks, turn the tables, and—most importantly—get people thinking about Jesus with conversations that look more like diplomacy than D-Day.

Drawing on extensive experience defending Christianity in the public square, Koukl demonstrates how to:

  • Initiate conversations effortlessly
  • Present the truth clearly, cleverly, and persuasively
  • Graciously and effectively expose faulty thinking
  • Skillfully manage the details of dialogue
  • Maintain an engaging, disarming style even under attack


If you would like to take the class in Room 700 Fridays at 7:00 PM starting January 5 - February 9, 2018, please visit the Welcome Center and sign up there,  or contact Greg Wauson.

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