1 Kings (Part II)  Alive!

The Winter 2020 quarter will feature 1 Kings  (Part 3).  This class will study 1 Kings 7:49b-12:32 in the sixth book of the Old Testament Books of History.

We continue our interactive study of the Old Testament Books of History in the sixth of these books (1 Kings 7:49b–12:32), beginning as the Shekinah Glory of God fills the inner Holy of Holies within the temple. Solomon give a dedicatory message for the temple to His people, followed by a dedicatory prayer for the temple. Many sacrifices occur in the brazen altar of the temple for one of the feasts of the Israelites. The Queen of Sheba makes a very long trip to see if Solomon’s wisdom is what she has heard it was. Solomon’s great wealth is also indicated. Then, in his aged years, Solomon marries many pagan wives and lets them mix their religions with that of Yahweh. Yahweh decides to divide the nation of Israel as punishment for Solomon’s sins, but in the reign of his successor, Rehoboam. Due to Rehoboam’s stupidity, ten tribes of Israel move to the north under King Jeroboam, and King Rehoboam only hangs on to the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Jeroboam, though called by God to be king of the ten tribes, violates God’s law in his worship practices for his people and idol worship occurs.

This class shows us important attributes of God. It will help us as Christians to grow spiritually as we learn more about our Creator and ourselves and applies many Bible principles to our lives today. If you want to be discipled, this class will do that. The first class is Monday, January 6, and continues for eight Mondays at 7:15pm – 8:45pm.

If you would like to take the class in Room 500 Mondays at 7:15 starting January 6 - February  24, 2020,  please visit the Welcome Center and sign up there. You may also email Dr. Lon.

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