1 Samuel (Part 3) & 2 Samuel (Part I) Alive!

The Fall 2018 quarter will feature 1 Samuel (Part 3) and 2 Samuel Alive (Part 1)! This class will study 1 Samuel 26:21–31:13 and 2 Samuel 1:1–8:10, verse-by-verse interactively.

1 Samuel 26:21–31:13 begins with David sparing Saul for a second and final time, then Saul seeks a medium to bring up the shade of Samuel; it ends with the death of Saul and his sons in a battle with the Philistines.

2 Samuel 1:1–8:10 begins with David learning of Saul and Jonathan’s death and mourning them, then David becomes king of Judah, and Ishbosheth becomes king of the rest of Israel; Saul’s commander, who controlled Ishbosheth, met with David, offering him the rest of the tribes of Israel; after Ishbosheth and the commander were both assassinated, David was anointed as king over all Israel; moving the Ark was lethal for Uzzah; David proposed to build a temple for the LORD.

If you would like to take the class in Room 500 Mondays at 7:15 starting September 10 - October 29, 2018,  please visit the Welcome Center and sign up there. You may also e-mail Dr. Lon.


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