Not Forgotten

Posted by Scott Lowther on

Luke 12:6-7 "Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows."

Dear CBC Family,

Many times a church seems to go from one disaster to another so that all its efforts are spent on crisis management. While I understand the need to keep people informed of what is taking place, sometimes it’s just good to say what amazing things the Lord is doing and let future troubles be dealt with on a future day. I read somewhere “each day has enough trouble of its own”.

With that said, I wanted to just talk about some of the really great things happening at church. This doesn’t mean we do not have challenges. In ministry if we have no challenges it would mean we weren’t doing too much for the kingdom. Trials come not only to “prove” us but oftentimes to “improve” us. So, as God improves and proves us we can rejoice in the good things he has done.

CBC has a phenomenal children’s program now. It is running smoothly and I have received much positive feedback from both the parents and the kids. One especially touching story was of a young boy, who after going home from Sunday school, told his mother that God made his ears and then wanted to sing a praise song he learned in the toddler group. I had another child tell me that he loved his class and the crafts that illustrated the lesson was one of his favorite parts. He was so proud of the “temple” that he had made. God will require an account of the children from the parents, as well as from us who minister to them, for they belong to Him and are only lent to us for our care, keeping and instruction. What a privilege to be involved in raising the next generation of believers for Christ with you.

Speaking of children, the AWANA program that meets here at the church is going really great as well. Sometimes I just drop by to watch what the kids are doing and listen to what the teachers are telling them. If you have kids in this program, please take a moment and thank the workers for their diligence. God’s word will never return void!

I want to share a quote regarding children that I often think of when I pray for the kids and parents of CBC. It is by Andreas Kostenberger who said “It is critical that parents teach children the importance of obedience. Parents who neglect to hold their children accountable for rendering obedience fail them in that they do not help them along the path of Christian discipleship, of which obedience is a central component. Hence the primary importance of obedience is not for parents to receive their children's obedience, but for parents to help children to learn to exercise obedience ultimately in their relationship with God.” AMEN!

I continue to hear good things regarding the youth and their growth in the word of God and their love for each other. Danny and Titus are doing a super job, both in the youth and co-commandering, if that is even a word, in the AWANA group.

The small group leaders and Care Ministry workers labor so hard for your spiritual growth, development and joy. I can’t forget about the men’s or women’s ministry that seek to build community with the body or the ushers and greeters that meet each of us with a smile and a hug when we come into the fellowship.

I am also continually being blessed by the presence of the Lord during worship as Tim tirelessly works with the team to use his gifts to draw us near to our Lord.

I am sending my heart-felt thanks to the dozens of you who serve so faithfully in so many different capacities to make CBC function. Also, a special thank you to those who support the ministry here. I am grateful that you care enough to give to the Lord’s work. We as a staff are grateful for you all. Whenever we eat we are reminded that God gives grace to us through you to meet our needs.

Lastly, I want to tell you how no good deed goes unpunished. Yesterday I took the children’s ministry leaders out to lunch. We sat on the patio in Old Town eating Mexican food and having a great time. All of a sudden a bird flew right by my face, within an inch of my nose. He was so close I said I could smell his armpit. Anyway, as he did his “fly by” he pooped into my coffee. I guess the Lord wants me off the caffeine! After a good laugh we left rejoicing that God has allowed us to be in the ministry, which is not only spiritually rewarding, but also a lot of fun too!

Blessings to you all,