Stop Tolerating

Posted by Scott Lowther on

Rev 2:20 “But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants”

Dear CBC Family,

I received a letter from the Phoenix Seminary yesterday and was very concerned by some of the statistics they shared. According to the latest polls 7 out of 10 people expressed indifference to the scriptures in this country. Eighty percent of the households in the US own a Bible but only 26% have ever read anything in it. The percentage of “evangelical Christians” who support abortion on demand or homosexual marriage is astonishing. Listen to the following quote when asked if these two behaviors are sin: “It is not for me to condemn Christians or their churches who boldly support gay marriage, or abortion if they are convicted before God that it is OK. Therefore, I should strive to act loving toward them and not be provoked by their conviction to tell them their actions contradict scripture. Paul says that I should only rebuke the sins that my brother or sister agrees with are sins.” If there was ever a time to address what the Gallop Poll calls “biblical illiteracy” it is now.

People are not interested in what they do not understand so we think all they need is a teacher. Unfortunately, the fact is that spiritual truth is never understood by the natural man. There must come a regenerating work of the Spirit of God to cause the person to see and hear. The only way the Spirit regenerates is through the word of God faithfully represented in the way God intended.

Many of you have expressed to me that your friends and family also have recently been turning away from God into some sort of mystical “relationship” with Christ apart from His word. “It’s all about relationship and not scripture” one person said. “Doctrine is for Pharisees” said another. I want to be very clear with you here. These statements, and many others like them, are exactly what I was talking about last weekend from Revelation 2. This “spirit of Jezebel,” that Jesus spoke of to the church at Thyatira, was being “tolerated” and it was deceiving and seducing everyone. Deceived people did “their” works rather than the works Jesus wanted done.

This weekend I have a very special message on this very thing that the Lord gave me to share with our church only. This message will not be posted on the website so if you miss it, and are a member, then write the office and we can send you a link to Dropbox to access it. If you are not out of town I would strongly encourage you to be here. I called the message “Stop Tolerating” and it will unpack the Lord’s statement from Rev 2:20 to us individually and corporately.

The Lord revealed some things to me and placed this message on my heart last Saturday morning as I was praying in an almost miraculous way. I believe the Lord will reveal to each of us how this snare of Satan has impacted our lives. I am expecting a great move of God’s Spirit and that many will be set free and understand what has plagued them for so long. A true Christian cannot be demon possessed but they can certainly be oppressed and deceived. It is time we all stop tolerating the works of the enemy!


Pastor Scott