The Ambush of the Lord – The Power of Song

Posted by Scott Lowther on

Dear CBC Family,

There is much to keep you informed on so let me get right to it. 

I promised a recap of the Annual Business Meeting for those who were unable to make it. Here is a brief summary. The new Statement of Faith passed unanimously. Now that the SOF has been adopted we will add it to the website as the church’s official doctrinal statement. There will be many articles for further study added in the future for those of you who wish to really dig into what the Bible teaches on each individual point. The next step will be to make sure all of our missionaries are in full support of it. I will keep you apprised of that as we move forward. The 2019 budget also passed with 100% support. During the tallying of the votes I answered a few questions that people asked via email. If you want some specifics about those let me know and I can write you individually. 

The entire meeting went 47 minutes which is how these will go in the future. While most of the attendees left at that time several others stayed behind to ask specific questions so the few of us stayed about another hour. All in all, a very good and productive meeting.

This weekend I will be taking a break from Romans to share a very important message the Lord has pressed upon me from the OT regarding worship. This sprung from a miraculous event that happened this last Sunday in the church. Providentially, Tim is having a worship gathering on Sunday the 10th for all interested in singing or playing on the worship team so all of this seems ordained by the Lord for this weekend. I am studying in fear and trembling and pray you will be able to be with us. This will be quite unconventional yet very exegetical. Who may ascend to His holy place? Join us as we see a weapon of our warfare that we leave unused because we think worship, which is way more than music and singing, has been turned into arguments over human preference. Lord, show us your ways!

Might I also ask personally for some prayer for the church at this season? It seems like the enemy is working overtime coming against the church and the people in it. I can assure you the message is God’s answer to this matter but until then please pray. 

As a pastor I wish there was a way I could sit with each person in this church individually just to see what God was doing in your life and how we could equip and encourage you in pursuing that call. Time restraints simply would never allow for that but it sure would be nice. Time is such a precious commodity that we all wish we had more of. It is very limited so let us use it wisely for His glory and renown. 

For those of you who like theology and ministry this week is the annual conference for pastors, though it is really helpful for anyone in ministry. The great thing is you can watch online for free. Here is the link. Great material this year.

Blessings to you my brothers and sisters,