The Heart of Belief

Posted by Scott Lowther on

1 Cor 2:5 "so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God."

Dear CBC Family,

I want to share my gratitude and appreciation for the support and love you have expressed towards me during our series on homosexuality. That is a highly charged emotional topic especially for the young. I am so blessed to be among a group of people who love God’s word and want to know what it teaches instead of just blindly supporting the culture. Honestly, the majority of people who attend churches would not put up with what the Bible teaches so for that I am especially grateful.

Our annual business meeting is Saturday, January 19th right after the evening service. This is how the meeting will run. I will begin with a few minute introduction of why we felt it necessary to change the statement of faith. Roy will then share 3 pieces of information about the budget in about 10 minutes: they are 1) what last year’s budget was 2) where we finished the year 3) the 2019 budget number. After that you will vote on both the statement of faith and the 2019 budget. During the counting of the ballots we will answer questions that have been submitted. We will not have an open mic this time so if you have any questions send them to me via email over the next couple of weeks. My email is . After the ballots are counted I will dismiss the group. If you want to stay and ask specific questions about the budget Roy will be available. Lon will be around to talk missions and I will be available for anything else. This format ensures we keep the meeting brief and focused. We will not have a long drawn out meeting ever again.

This weekend we will finish chapter 1 of Romans. If you have never been convinced of total depravity you will be after we look at the 21 listed sins. You will want to come and listen very carefully as the Lord has really been pressing my mind and heart on declaring to our body what a true Christian is from this text. If there were ever a message I would want every professing Christian to hear it would be this one.

I received a great email from one of the men in the church the other day. One statement resonated with me and for some reason I feel compelled to share it. He said “I believe that those who refuse to warn their loved ones who are trapped in habitual sin, are simply those that love “love father and mother more than me.” (quoting Jesus). Is the choosing of relationship over truth simply a lack of love for Christ? If so then what does that say about their salvation? I have been pondering this all week through prayer and the Word.

A Christian must, once repentant and converted, submit and live in obedience to Christ. Some today balk at that, thinking that being sorry for ignoring God and acting in defiance of Him is enough. The scripture is clear here, Christianity is not behavior modification or our human flesh trying to do good. Christianity is about submission to your Lord and serving Him (as He lays out in His word). This must come from the heart in the form of what we WANT to do and not what we Must do. If our passion is not to obey and serve Him then He is simply not our Lord. I know that sounds harsh but it is absolute truth. If a person is always looking for external “encouragement” to serve and love Christ then they simply are not in Him. For obedience is what the true believer wants to do!

Join me as we reason together this weekend and bring someone who needs to understand what a Christian really is. God forbid that anyone we know would be a person listed in Matthew 7…. “but Lord, Lord didn’t I do many good things…..Depart from Me I never knew you” My dear brother and sister this is why TRUTH MATTERS!


Pastor Scott