Daniel Made Easy

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1 Corinthians 14:33 “For God is not the author of confusion”

I pray this email finds you all well. I wanted to thank you all for the numerous questions and positive feedback I received from this last week’s message on Daniel 9. While we barely scratched the surface, and only looked at the six purposes of the prophesy, it is clear that many are interested in these things. As a matter of fact I decided we would spend another week on this text to address some of the most common questions. I can guarantee you will be challenged in your thinking but, rest assured, the Word of God is so clear it will be very easy to understand. You won’t even need a chart.

Here are just a couple of questions I will give you to chew on: If the total time of the prophesy is 490 years is it logical to state that it has taken God more than 2500 years and He still hasn’t fulfilled it? There has never been a precedent where God gave a timeline and then didn’t meet it in the time allotted. If it has taken more than 2500 years to fulfil then it is no longer a 490 year prophesy! Against all logic, and Bible precedent, people insert a gap to make their erroneous systems of belief work. Logic requires that the 70th week follow immediately after the 69th week, if it doesn’t, then how can it possibly be called the 70th week! The enormous problem with the gap theory is that there is no gap mentioned, referred to, implied, or remotely hinted at, anywhere in the prophecy. Does it make sense to mention the death of Jesus and the end-times arrival of the Antichrist in the same verse? Remember the prophesy has nothing to do with the end of the world or any other nation or people group. Verse 26 mentions the Messiah who will be killed and the prince who is to come. Today’s “prophesy experts” say that the “prince” is an end times Antichrist. Implying that the death of Jesus Christ and the end-times arrival of the antichrist are in the same verse is not logical and really is forcing an idea into the passage that simply isn’t there. Mentioning the death of Jesus Christ and the coming prince (Titus) who would desolate those who had Jesus crucified, makes perfect sense and fits the context of the passage and is the only logical, faithful and contextual interpretation of the passage.

Read Daniel 9:24-27 and ask yourself: Does it mention a 2,000+ year gap in between week 69 and week 70? Does it use the word “Antichrist”? Does it specify that an Antichrist will make a peace accord with Israel? Does it speak of a last-days Jewish 3rd temple being rebuilt? By the way there is not a single verse that states there will be a third temple in the entire Bible. Does the passage mention an Antichrist who will proclaim that he is god? Does it even use the word “tribulation”? Did the passage mention the rapture of the Church or the end of the world? The answer to all these is No!

To say that the 70th week of Daniel has not been fulfilled, is implying that God did not follow through on His promise to desolate the Jews and their temple, if they did not receive their promised Messiah. Since Israel was decimated and the temple was destroyed then clearly the prophesy was fulfilled just as the Lord had said. Join us as we explore the implications of this wonderful text. Bring a friend and leave the charts at home :)

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Blessings to you dear one,

Pastor Scott and the entire CBC Staff