Dead to sin alive to God

Posted by Scott Lowther on

Romans 6:11 "In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus."

Dear CBC family & friends,

“Dead to sin and alive to God” Romans 6:11. I have repeated this seven-word phrase in my mind many times since last weekend when it was the text we studied. I have used it in prayer, counseling and conversation and found it to be extremely effective at getting our minds back onto thinking biblically instead of emotionally. As you know, changed behavior always starts in the mind as it is transformed by sound doctrine.

A man or woman cannot come to application and practice, to conduct and behavior, until they are very clear about doctrine (God’s facts). Satan emphasizes “experience” in contrast to “facts”. If we measure the Christian life by how we feel, then we are defeated and powerless—and the devil knows that. So, he does his best to convince Christians that doctrine is a bunch of boring academic stuff that doesn’t do anyone any good and so you need to focus on what you think, how you feel and to be “loving” (which is rarely defined in a biblical way).

I’m going to share a blurb here for our friends who receive the church emails but are not part of the fellowship. Maybe you are a radio listener, out of town friend, or already in a church, or not, locally. There are many of you, and this morning, after prayer, I felt I should send a word specifically to you.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you don’t need a solid understanding of doctrine. Doctrine is what defines a church fellowship. Where the authentic preaching of the Word of God (doctrine) takes place, the church is there. And where that is absent, there is no church nor presence of God. No matter what else is done that gathering is something else, and something less. The whole council of God must be taught. Nothing excluded, and nothing avoided. A rejection of the Bible’s authority on issues such as homosexuality or abortion is a theological problem – not a moral or political controversy. In the end, the only sufficient reason for attending, or separating from a church is theological. To attend a church with bad teaching is to fail to love and honor God. You cannot say you love God and yet compromise His word. A faithful Christian must separate from a congregation or denomination when that body obstinately rejects efforts at doctrinal correction over an issue of true significance. So, dear one, get yourself into a bible-teaching, bible believing, bible upholding church and learn the ways of God and walk in them. Don’t fall for the lie that these things don’t matter because they do! They do because God says they do! I care about your soul so if you need help finding a church let us know and we will help you wherever you are.

This weekend we will be back in Romans 6 continuing our study of practical holy living. The sermon title is “How Should, and Can, a Dead Man Live”? This study from verses 11-14 is going to be really helpful to understand the what’s and how’s of sanctification. Let’s put into practice the last few weeks. Come “prepared” to hear from God (rested, meditating on the word, at peace with others) thinking rightly (dead to sin, alive to God) and expecting to encounter Him. Coming this way, you will not be disappointed.

Remember that our annual business meeting is January 25 following the Saturday service. For the next couple of weeks there will be copies of the 2020 proposed budget for you to look at. Please send any budget questions to me so that we can address those in the presentation. There will not be a budget open mic but you can stay after and ask any questions you want to. This year will have a different flow and format so please come if you are a member. It will be very informative.


Pastor Scott