Doctor's Orders

Posted by Scott Lowther on

Matt 9:12 “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

Dear CBC Family,

Flu season is in full swing. We have a couple of months left until it begins to subside so be careful out there. The Center for Disease Control estimated that the flu hospitalized hundreds of thousands and killed 80,000 last year alone. That was one of the worst flu seasons on record! Add to that number the new outbreak of the coronavirus and the situation this year looks very serious.

Imagine that you start to feel flu-like symptoms and decide to go to the doctor. He diagnoses you with the flu and prescribes medicine and action steps to help bring about a recovery.

Perhaps your symptoms aren’t that severe yet so he recommends rest and hydration to allow your immune system to kill the virus. He says, “If you get sufficient rest at home and drink plenty of fluids, you will get better. If you don’t, the flu will progressively get worse.” But instead of following the doctor’s orders, you think you know better. You don’t keep your body hydrated and stubbornly go to work the next day. It’s now guaranteed that you will get worse and infect your co-workers.

All of this could have been avoided if you had simply obeyed the conditions of your doctor’s orders. But because you didn’t, you’ve placed yourself and others at risk.

That is simply an illustration of what is taking place today in the lives of the believers in this country. There is a spiritual flu that is infecting God’s people because they are refusing to follow the Great Physician’s medicine and actions to remain strong and healthy.

In most instances it begins with the idea that we think we know better or the Bible doesn’t really mean what it says. Often times we come up with our own ideas and twist verses to support them. From that starting point it won’t be long before we try and redefine what constitutes a church, or even a believer.

A pastor friend called me and said: “I sometimes feel like a nurse telling patients “this is what the Doctor has ordered. Do this and you will recover” only to have people respond with reasons why God’s word doesn’t mean what it says.” He then asked if I had similar experiences. “We all do” was my reply.

We live in a day that the Bible speaks of where “many false prophets will arise and mislead many. Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. People will turn aside to myths etc….”

How do we ensure we don’t fall prey to the viruses of the day that tell us we don’t need to gather together as a body, read, or study, the Bible, pray or obey? We follow the counsel of the Great Physician. Let’s not heed the infectious words of the foolish, the flesh or the devil. The Lord gave me a tremendous illustration of that truth on Tuesday, at Disneyland of all places, I’ll share it with you this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, we will continue our study of “Obedience from the Heart” and will look at the role grace plays in its development and implementation. Remember the first step: do I want to obey the Lord? If so, holiness is coming for you.

Blessings to all who love the Lord,

Pastor Scott