How can one be warm alone?

Posted by Scott Lowther on

Ecc 4:11 “How can one be warm alone”?

Dear CBC Family,

I was walking through the sanctuary the other morning when I saw something slowly wiggling on the ground. It was dark and really cold since it hasn’t been occupied for months. Upon closer examination the twisting shadow was a small alligator lizard. He was in pretty sad shape. He could barely move due to the cold and didn’t look like he had eaten in a while. I wondered how long he had been in there slowly dying. I picked him up and took him outside and put him on the blacktop in the sun. It took a few minutes but the light and heat started to make a huge difference. He began to move and then walked off in search of something to eat. It was at that moment I was impressed with some thoughts which I knew were what the Lord wanted me to share with you.

The lizard is a living illustration of religious people we all know who simply attend a church that has neither light or heat. They sit in the dark and slowly become more emaciated and weaker even though they aren’t aware. Without exposing themselves to the true light of the word, food for the soul and the heat of the Holy Spirit their religious exercises will ultimately fail them. What they need is light and heat or they will perish. False teaching blocks the light, man-centered doctrine is not good food for the soul, entertainment is far from the heat of the Holy Spirit.

Sam Storms once said “If we do not know who God is and how He thinks and what He does, we have no grounds for joy, no reason to celebrate, no basis for finding satisfaction in God. Delight in God cannot occur in an intellectual vacuum. Our joy is the fruit of what we know and believe to be true of God. Emotional heat (i.e., joy, delight, gladness of heart) apart from intellectual light (knowledge of God) is useless. Worse still, it is dangerous, for it inevitably leads to fanaticism and idolatry.” I learned much from an encounter with one of God’s small creatures yesterday and I hope you did too.

I invite you this weekend as we shine the light of Romans 8 into our hearts. Once again, we will see the sovereignty of God to ensure His people meet the qualifications of the promise. I pray the Holy Spirit will bring light to our understanding, heat into our affections and feed our souls so we grow in the grace of Jesus. Join us as we explore further the pillars of the greatest promise in the Bible. Jesus said my sheep hear my voice and they follow me….. let’s do that. Don’t be a lizard