How To Recognize Truth and Its Messenger

Posted by Scott Lowther on

John 14:6 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Dear CBC Family,

Have you ever felt the conviction that the days you live in are not just ordinary days? I feel that way most days but I am talking about something much deeper, and more grave. I am referring to a deep seated conviction, that you cannot escape from, no matter what you do. The gripping conviction I am bearing is that historic Christianity, in this country, is at a tipping point.

This weight has been my daily experience for a while now and I can’t shake it. It keeps me up at night, praying and seeking the Lord for what I need to do and say. I suppose the reason I am feeling this way is because day after day I deal with philosophies, concepts and world views that are completely opposed to the Bible. These ideas are not brought forth from the unbeliever but often by leaders who name the name of Christ. They write them down for immature believers to read. They speak them forth wrapped in a tiny bit of truth and deceive many. It is painful to watch the embracing of the lie.

This tactic of misleading and purposefully misinforming the masses is nothing new, and not even limited to the church. The world is experiencing all sorts of problems that have been inflicted upon the people by terrible leadership. The suicide of Europe with its massive failure of “multiculturalism” was fueled by the false idea that every culture and belief system are equal, valid and useful. This was forced down the throats of the populace and the devastation has been as plain as Pinocchio’s nose! We may even see the collapse of Europe in our own children’s lifetime. Millions of immigrants trying to recreate Europe after the culture and ways of the countries they fled has brought nothing but disaster.

Closer to home, the dumbing down of the kids in our country by the board of education is another failure. This has been facilitated by the removal of historical standards of grammar, mathematics and history and has dropped the US to 5th in the world (and sinking quickly). When you reward children with a gold star for writing “sez” instead of “says” because you “don’t want to crush a child’s creativity” is insane. Most high school graduates today cannot even read, for example, the New England Primer which was the first educational textbook for elementary children at the founding of our country. The dumbing down of children, and adults, with misinformation is done so the wolves can prey on the sheep.

These same things have infiltrated the church and there are so many errors it is hard to list them all. Some are blatant Bible misunderstandings and others are intentional twisting designed to manipulate. If a leader can present outlandish things, then the general church attender will feel inferior since they could never come up with interpretations like that. That poor soul will then stop trying to study the Bible on their own and will simply believe what they are told by their favorite preacher. These false ideas in the church go beyond doctrine and redefine history and reshape our worldview. For example, 70% of youth leave the church at the age of critical thinking. This is because they have never been taught to think biblically. Young people, in particular, say they want to address poverty or other humanitarian needs stating that poverty is on the upswing in the world and nobody cares. Where did they get that idea or information? The truth is in 1970 there was 1 in 4 people on the planet living in poverty. Today there is less than 1 in 20. This is not due to humanitarianism, faith group charities, communism or any other man intervening. It is due to capitalism, the very thing many young Christians despise because people they admire have told them the lie that God wants them to be poor so capitalism is evil.

This weekend I can promise you some truths that will challenge the status quo as we explore “How to Recognize Truth and its Messenger.” Our text will be 2 Corinthians 10: 7. We will learn what Paul tells us to watch out for and then I will give some examples that just might reshape your view of recent history. I pray you will join us as we seek spiritual eyes to see what is really taking place around us.

Blessings to you all,

Pastor Scott